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Ursula Lassos the Moon

Unattainable, even divine and spiritual, the Moon has long been thought of as an enchanted and mysterious object.

And while no woman has yet stepped foot on the lunar surface, women have long been associated with the Moon. In western mythology it is often represented as female, and both have endured narratives of conquest throughout history.

Over 50 years since the first Moon landing, NASA have announced that by 2024 its Artemis program will see the next footprint made by a woman. The artwork attempts to combine the natural beauty of the Moon with this narrative of mystery and capture reworked with a female protagonist named Ursula.

Ursula Lassos the Moon is a very realistic representation of the Moon, apparently removed from its orbit and lassoed to a stake in the ground. The high-definition 3D projection sphere reproduces surface details and textures that are normally only visible through access to a high-powered telescope. The Moon hovers in the air and rotates gently, while its crisp white projection casts a cool glowing light onto the ground.

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